Welcome! – an overview

Welcome to my blog!

This blog is going to deal with a range of subject matters specified in the arts and culture sector in two cities: Melbourne and Seoul, where I mainly belong. In particular, Australian and Korean art and cultural phenomena will be mostly discussed. In addition, the blog will report and analyze the current trend in the sector of social, educational, and/or artistic value.

Although created as a personal blog, I aim to be determined and to write and post professionally as a future Arts and Cultural manager.

To discuss artworks or cultural phenomena, I will often be using idioms of following fields: arts and cultural policy, art education, cultural ecology and/or arts administration.

Menu description:

  • ABOUT a page where shows about myself.
  • Curriculum Vitae shows my brief resume.
  • BLOG: where you can find posts
  • CONTACT: a contact information you can get closer to me. Any types of inquiry are welcome.