An overview

This blog is going to deal with a range of artworks introduction specified in visual arts field: Australian and overseas. In particular, Korean modern and contemporary art will be mostly introduced. This means a lot to me because the more globalized the world is, easier to appreciate overseas art; you don’t need to be there. I shall expect to write about artists and the artwork itself, rather than to be an art critic. Appreciation, in my opinion, is up to the viewers, not to critics. I also expect to be able to share opinions with visitors on each blog post.

Although it seems quite to be a personal blog, since the title is named after my name, the reason the title is because almost every blog post is going to be written and selected by myself, in my point of view.

Menu description:

  • ABOUT: a page where shows about myself. You can also go to my e-CV page there.
  • BLOG: mostly deals with artworks introduction. In the category of [TED Talk], a bit of inspirational TED talk will be shared.
  • PHOTOLOG: describes my own photography portfolio, with some photographic essays. All photos were taken and created by Diesel Kang.
  • CONTACT: a contact information you can get closer to me. Any types of inquiry are welcome.



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